Laser Cut Screens , Material Selection .
Weathering Steel ( Corten )

This is an architectural grade of steel used for making laser cut screens and garden sculptures because of the natural patina it develops with age . It has a high resistance to corrosion and its copper content helps in the development of it’s unique colouring . Bear in mind that this material may eventually drip rusty water , especially near the coast . If it is in an area where it can be brushed against it may leave rust marks on clothing . Corten is corrosion resistant and will last a lot longer than mild steel , you would expect decades .
We keep the following thicknesses : 1.6mm , 2mm , 2.5mm , 3mm and 6mm .
Stainless Steel
You have 2 grades to choose from 316 marine grade or 304 . If the laser cut screens are to be used outside , we suggest that you specify 316 . 304 stainless will eventually rust in the elements but is fine for interior use and is substantially cheaper .
Aluminium is corrosion resistance and light weight . It can be powder coated in a range of colours , anodised or left in a raw state . If left in the raw it will dull with age . The dull surface becomes a protective layer to help prevent further corrosion .
You will need to avoid contact with dissimilar metals , this can cause electrolysis , especially in a marine atmosphere .
When powder coating aluminium it is important to make sure that all of the cut edges have been dressed / rounded . Hard edges will cause a phenomenon called " draw back " . When the job is baked , surface tension draws the coating away from the hard edges . This leaves a thin area , allowing ingress of moisture and atmospheric corrosion . Whether you purchase from us or an alternate supplier it is extremely important to bear this in mind .
We take extreme pride in our work and as such all our powder coated screens have had the edges dressed .
Mild Steel
Mild steel is the cheapest option for a laser cut metal screen . If you are planning to have your screens powder coated , this is a sound option for interior use . Powder coated mild steel for exterior use can be problematic and is not recommended . Be aware , powder coated screens should be unwrapped within 7 days of delivery . Failure to do so will cause sweating inside the plastic and shorten the life of the powder coating .
We don't recommend mild steel for a rust patina unless it is to be used inside with a sealer .
MDF and Plywood
These are good options for light weight interior screens . Some patterns are not suitable to be cut in timber .
Reconstituted Hardwood
This material is made from sawmill tailing and is bonded with resin . The screen featured on the home page has a woodgrain texture on one side and a canvas like texture on the B side . The reconstituted hardwood is also available with a smooth primed surface on one face and once again the canvas like texture on the B side . It is available in an exterior grade but painting or oiling is recommended .